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"Everyone Wants to Know More About Medical Technology", Greg Mogel, MD, Co-Founder, Senior Partner, The Clymer Group® , LLC

Medical technology innovation is derived through an information dependent web of government funded academic research, small business advanced development, venture based risk capital, and mass market scale-up thru large companies with global reach in distribution & marketing. 

The system, as it currently exists, is fragmented, de-synchronized, and frustrating.   As noted by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), "technology transfer is an arduous, sometimes grueling, task."

MedTechIQ®, a division of the Clymer Group,  is a business intelligence/social network where experts like you can create, discover, manage and share information on advanced medical technology - for free!

MedTechIQ®, is a "Peer Production" platform designed to bridge the "Valley of Death" between the laboratory and market, into which most medical tehnology descends, and never escapes.  It is a one stop "Bio-Informaediary", that serves Academia, Government & Industry with timely access to wealth relevant medical technology information, T2 best practices, and access to the sources of expertise, capital and support necessary to translate medical innovation from laboratory research to better clinical care.

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