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"Ephemeral, Opportunistic and Non-linear", Dr Jeffrey Roller, MD, Co-Founder, Senior Partner, The Clymer Group® , LLC

The Clymer Group has developed a unique and disruptive business model to acquire, develop, market and distribute medical technology information.  

MedTechIQ©  is The Clymer Group® business intelligence digital backbone where we create, discover, manage and share information on advanced medical technologies. The Group's BioIntelligence Database is network hosted on a dynamically reconfigurable visual interface with over 45,000 (growing daily) data entries of wealth relevant information.

Network categories include: pioneering academic research; global subject matter experts; interlinked government funding programs & contract vehicles; relevant industry clustered by market sector & size; regional economic development incubators; and venture capital, philanthropist/angel investors. These categories are further informed by sector based "Driving Forces".

Our interface takes advantage of the structure and nuances embedded in nuggets of medical technology information to "connect the dots" and illuminate wealth relevant relationships between seemingly unrelated data points - thus providing context and transforming information overload into ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS!

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