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   - T2IQ Consulting Categories:

        * T2IQ: Breakthrough Medical Technology Concepts
        * T2IQ: Integrated Business Practices
        * T2IQ: Technology Transfer Best practices
        * T2IQ: Telemedicine Business Process Management
        * T2IQ: The Brain - Cluster Analytics Tool Kit
        * T2IQ: Affiliates Best Practice Program
   - T2IQ Technical Services Categories:
        * T2IQ: Technical R&D and Management Support
        * T2IQ: Event Planning Services
        * T2IQ: Expert Panel Reviews
        * T2IQ: Clinical Technology Assessments
        * T2IQ: Proprietary Equity Research
        * T2IQ: Speakers Bureau
        * T2IQ:  Value Added Reseller Services
   - T2IQ Publications Sales:
        * T2IQ Tool Set Publications
        * Newsletters

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